Temple of the Sun

Built in 1859 and renovated in 2008, the mushroom-shaped Sun Temple is perched on one of the seven mountains of Bad Berneck.Much mentioned on signs and in literature, the magnificent views of the town have been enjoyed by many generations.

Even though the Sun Temple is not easy to find, the difficult climb is worth it for the delightful prospect it offers, proof of which QR Tour filmmaker Dominic Day provides with his time-lapse impression of the sun setting over Bad Berneck.Along with the Green Pavilion, the Sun Temple is situated on walking routes in and around Bad Berneck. These trails cover more than 65 km in distance.Enjoy the view!

Sun Set

A beautiful time-lapse film of the town, as it seems to turn into a sea of molten lava.
by Dominic Day

Reflections by filmmaker Dominic Day

The time-lapse filming of the Sun Temple allowed me to sit from 3pm until 10 at night on the day of the Summer Festival 2013 in Bad Berneck. The camera absorbed a fragment of time with a shutter click every 30 seconds, and I felt as if I was part of that process, slowly receiving the amazing view of the town from this great vantage point.

Sitting there for so long was supremely grounding and calming. It felt like moss was slowly creeping up over my toes while my bones were fusing with the rock of the mountain beneath. I sensed that the mountain accepted my presence and this was echoed by the visitations of a cat out hunting. The cat was quite shocked to find me there, still and waiting, as if I was in fact the hunter and the cat had ventured into my territory.

A lizard also came up to me while I was sitting motionless, which was quite special too. As night fell, I realised I was completely alone up there while the town was celebrating in the Park. However, I felt a great comfort in the darkness, as I had given it permission to surround me, as I was part of it all.

Dominic Day 2014

The Four Seasons
Photographed in a panoramic format, these pictures show the seasonal changes in the view from the Sun Temple.

Impressions from around the Sun Temple

Diary from 2013

I see the Sun Temple sit proudly atop one of Bad Berneck’s surrounding seven hills as I walk through the Marktplatz. I have been aware of this QR point since the first day I caught a glimpse of it from the Tower Рit looked peaceful, a nice place to watch the world of Bad Berneck go by.

The climb is steep but well worth it, each step up the sheltered wood-strewn path leads me closer to the summit.

Once reached, my previous contemplations about the site come to life. The Marktplatz, the church, the river, the tower, the castle ruins, in fact pretty much all of Bad Berneck is visible. As I sit on a bench that surrounds the mushroom-shaped temple I look down upon a postman doing his rounds, slowly coming down from the top of Hofer Strasse and into the Marktplatz.

I relax at the Sun Temple and admire the beautiful nature that surrounds me – I witness something different every minute.

Matt Bather, History Student in Liverpool

17. The Green Pavilion
19. Anger