The city tour with a difference: Guide Yourself!

The creative agency It’s About Time and TMT GmbH & Co. KG. announced in February 2016 that their tablet app “QR-Tour Bad Berneck and Goldkronach” had been awarded the ADAC Bavarian Tourism Award 2016.

Despite strong competition, the app took second place in the competition and has been enjoying increasing popularity ever since.

Nigel Amson, creative director said:

„We are very pleased that our ‘world’s first’ offline QR-Tour project has been recognised as being one of the most innovative Tourist attractions in Germany, and that all the hard work done by the team, as well as the 150 local contributors, has paid off.“

QR-Tour – explore people, places and stories with multi-media

A QR-Tour is a new kind of app – a hiking trip and town guide combined with an innovative multi-media experience. Treasure hunt your way round the map, discover the QR-points and unlock the information on your tablet.

The northern Bavarian towns of Bad Berneck and Goldkronach are full of stories. They have a history of incredible events, are rich in moving moments, and with surprises at every corner.
Whether you live here or are just visiting – you will discover local legends, botanical rarities and cultural highlights, all at your fingertips. You can go at your own pace while enjoying the towns’ wonderful natural setting.

The QR-Tour offers visitors a full day’s entertainment – for free.

Explore in English or German: switch language at any time.

Go on, take your tablet for a walk and discover all 30 QR-points in the spa town of Bad Berneck and gold rush city of Goldkronach.

This pilot project was produced by the creative agency It’s About Time.
A team of artists, authors and programmers has designed this new and innovative tourism project for Bad Berneck and Goldkronach.

It sounds confusing – but all these names, events and information are contained in these small QR-Codes. At 25 places throughout Bad Berneck and at 5 locations in Goldkronach, you will find signs with these codes. Simply scan the codes with the tablet – or even a smart phone of the latest generation – and history comes alive.
Experience regional resources that would otherwise lie dormant in secret. The QR-Tour has also collected private stories, and so found true testimonies of the city’s history and its people in basements and attics. And makes it accessible to visitors.

The App Download is free of charge – and if you don’t have your own tablet, you can hire tablets at the Tourist Information Office and at participating inns and hotels!

The QR-Tour features both English and German versions.

QR-Tour for Families

Ever had problems motivating your child to go on a big walk? Maybe they can be persuaded if they can bring a tablet along?!

Walkers, Hikers and Ramblers

Enjoy the ‘self-guided tour’ – whether as an individual or with a group!

QR-Tour speaks English

An English-language attraction in Oberfranken – how cool is that?
This is not only for native speakers but also for English learners – improve your English!
How about a visit with your school? We are preparing school packs, watch this space!

Unique Offline QR-Tour

No Internet access is required on the tour; all data is already downloaded with the app, you just unlock the information at the points of interest!

Das Projekt QR-Tour wird gefördert durch das Bayerische Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten und den Europäischen Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums (ELER), sowie der Sparkassenstiftung, dem Landkreis Bayreuth, der Oberfrankenstiftung und den Städten Bad Berneck und Goldkronach.