The Colonnade

The New Colonnade is an elegant building that dates from the heyday of spa architecture. It commands an impressive view over the beautiful spa park. It is in demand as a venue for romantic weddings, summer concerts and, with its small stage ideal for classical theatre.

The stylish backdrop and weatherproof open-air stage provide the perfect setting for cultural performances. The QR-Tour showcases photos of historic and contemporary events around the colonnades.

Berneck was ‘in’, as a health resort, a holiday destination, or a day out.

To accommodate the hundreds of visitors, it had not just one, but two colonnades.

The Old Colonnade was built in 1858. The long hall was made for promenades, during which the guests partook of goat whey and fresh herb smoothies.
A kitchen for beverage preparation was hewn out of the rock face.

The whey cure was the latest craze when the New Colonnade was built- the mountains of Berneck were bare of trees back then because the goats whose milk was used for the whey grazed the mountain clean.

In 1899, the New Colonnade was built in the place of the original, while the Old Colonnade was moved to the opposite side of the park valley, where this ornate, slightly curved timber construction still stands.

The New Colonnade was a statement of its time: An elaborate roof structure spans an attractive foyer with a central music stage. Afternoon spa concerts were given regularly for hundreds of visitors.

The town patron, William Rother (visit QR 13 for information on his grave), requested in his will that the New Colonnade was to be intricately designed: the back walls were originally covered with landscape paintings and the floor was decorated with mosaics.

The panoramic view is especially impressive – the valley with its spa park, framed by the mountains and traversed by the cheerfully babbling Ölschnitz.

Music and Events
The New Colonnade, built in 1900, has been used continuously to entertain guests with concerts and other performances.
Selected events: Andy Lang, Catriona Gallo, the inauguration of the artist’s colony KüKo (see QR 14)

Woodcarving for kids
Just below the Old Colonnades: an engaging outdoor woodcarving workshop for kids with artist Roland Friedrich.

Anecdotes by Ingrid Binecki

Ingrid Binecki, born in Berneck, began her career in 1966 as a Kneipp therapist. Her parents began running the Kurheim Wittig (Kurheim = bed & breakfast with spa elements) on the river Ölschnitz in the early 1950s.

For the QR-Tour, Ingrid Binecki relates anecdotes of spa guests and spa town attractions from the 50s to the 70s.

English voice: Catriona Gallo

Spa Concerts in the Colonnade

Old Colonnade Gallery Then and Now
Ludwig Körbitz, a pharmacist from Berneck, provided goat’s milk and herbal drinks to Spa Park guests in the colonnade. Visit his grave at QR 13.

Old Murals
The murals that once adorned the back walls of the New Colonnade are pictured here.

New Colonnade
These photographs show the New Colonnade´s original appearance and its popularity with visitors.

3. Kurpark
5. Castle Tower